Planning a 2018 Wedding

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Planning a 2018 wedding just got a whole lot easier!

First up equip yourself with Best Selling The Knot wedding planning guide with checklists!

the knot wedding planning guide with checklistsThis guide gathers all the best bits from The Knots previous books with lots of great new ideas. It's always been a hot favorite with brides because it's so darn helpful!! It's the Brides Bible.

Some of the goodies you'll find inside:

  • Timelines and worksheets for scheduling and budgeting
  • Money-saving tips
  • 8 tabbed dividers packed with color photos of centerpieces, table settings, favors, and more
  • Color swatch page for mixing your own wedding palette
  • Information on choosing your vendors, including checklists of key questions to ask
  • Ideas galore
  • Pockets for collecting tear sheets, contracts, business cards
  • Removable stickers on the front, spine, and back so you can make the binder your own

It's a must have! Life is so much easier when you're well organised

Next – Decide On your theme

Take a look at these trending color and theme sets to get you started. When you decide on your theme you'll have a clearer idea on the venue, dress style and decorative requirements as they're all dependant upon it.

For example it's no good booking a castle venue when you've decided you want a barn wedding with rustic theme. A castle venue though would suit Princess theme, Fairy theme and all color schemes. A Goth wedding would be very at home in a Gothic castle!

To view each theme in greater detail pop along here

Colors and themes trending in 2018 for weddings – snapshot

In 2018, weddings will continue to have all the traditional options with a few bolder color schemes as well as print and patterns creeping in for brides who dare to step outside the box! These include Ombre, DipDye, TieDye, Colored Embroidery and metallic color wedding dresses.
Wedding Dress Trends 2018  

Featured Wedding Dress Themes for 2018

indian english fusion wedding moodboard gold whiteSpecial Mention!

There appears to be a definite Indian Bride influence carrying over into Western wedding dresses which is perfect for fusion weddings and gives Westen brides a very glamorous edge.

For those that don't know Indian bridal wear can make our Western bridal wear look quite bland! Which is why this influence is so welcome for those who want a sense of occasion. Plain and simple is perfect for some, but for those who want it all, a fusion Indian English wedding dress is the way to go!

Featured below are what we feel are fusion wedding dresses for the 2018 bride. Do you agree? Can you see the Indian bride influence?

We're not finished yet

We've got a ton of useful wedding advice and tips on this site to help you plan your 2018 wedding, too much to put right here, so here's the links to some of best bits.

Design and Trends

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