Gifts For Men that will guarantee your place as their Gifting Queen!

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To buy the perfect gift for a man you need to think like a man! Here’s why … 

gifts for me grillmaster apron personalized grill set camoI don’t know why but we women can find men notoriously hard to buy gifts for and that’s because we’re thinking like women! If you want to know what your Husband, Boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Uncle, Male BFF wants for a gift give a thought to THEIR gift choices for YOU over the years.

What criteria did the man in your life use when selecting your gifts?

I’ve found that the men in my life (the good ones 😉 ) seem to take a quiet mental note of things I say I like, enjoy, need over a period of weeks, months even before the gifting ‘occasion’ period arises, because my gifts seem to accurately match what I ‘want’ or ‘NEED’.

The downside of this quiet mental note taking …

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Men can be a bit off when it comes to gifts for women because the ‘what do they need?’ factors quite high in their gift choices, hence why we often get kitchen gadgets, cleaning items and all manner of household contraptions that we DO NOT consider gift worthy, because they’re ‘essentials’ and not at all romantic.

The good news is, that unlike us, men clearly value having practical things they NEED as gifts.

To satisfy our ‘gift giving needs’ as women we can combine a man’s desire for practical gadgets, gizmos and wizzardy things with some personalization to make it more unique, unusual and a tad romantic.

It is now possible for that manly BBQ set to be personalized … oh yeh!


Now think like a man and consider the following:

What does he need? Is it fun, thrills, practical assistance, support with a project, gadgets and gizmos for projects, better performing, upgraded wotsits? Take note of what he's reading about, talking about, researching, admiring, envying (something a friend has?).

  • Is there are a hobby, sport, activity, DIY project that can be made more interesting, manageable, fun with a gizmo, gadget, appliance ? Can that gift for men gizmo gadget be personalized?
  • Does your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend enjoy fashion, accessories, what is his favored Brand, then consider what  he needs. Might he need a new jacket, trainers, shoes, pants? Can you buy him a quality branded gift item that he needs - and can it be personalized?(You can check out personalized Branded clothes and accessories for men here).
  • Does he enjoy activity days, fast cars, adrenalin activities? Does he like surprises? Can you surprise him with an 'experience' gift? you may not think this is something he needs, but he'd disagree. He may very well need a fun, thrill factor in his life.
  • Does he need YOU to be more romantic, affectionate? Can you arrange something to meet this need? A romantic night in or out, a shared activity, a deeply personal keepsake gift that has special associations.
  • Does he need to relax  and have more alone time? Does he destress with some mancave activity or like gaming, listening to music, reading? Can you facilitate his relaxation, comfort, time-out activity with a great gift?

Things you think he needs but he'd probably disagree!

  • New underwear - yes most likely he 100% does need some, but he prefers his lucky pants, so buy him these out of the 'gift giving' period if you must! Gifts for men are about they believe they need not what we know they need! 😉
  • A Make-Over. Yep, that beard, back hair, old jumper has to go ... BUT is that what HE wants? Unlikely or else it would be gone already. Save the makeover for another day. Perhaps as a gift to you on your birthday.

The above in mind, check out my perfect top 5 gift niche ideas for men that guarantee they get what they need and what they want!

  1. Gifts for men that need practical, hobby and project gizmos and gadgets - personalized
  2. Gifts for men that need an adrenalin rush, thrills, fun - experience day gift cards.
  3. Gifts for men that need to relax, more alone time - relaxation aids.
  4. Gifts for men that more quality YOU time - romantic gifts for men
  5. Gifts for men that enjoy branded clothing and accessories - Pop Culture Merch than can be Prsonalized

  • Camo Man Care Package
  • Description:This camo themed gift box starts with a camo drink koozie, playing cards and bandana. It is then topped with sausage, snacks and sweets.
  • Birthday/ Father's Day Baseball Gift for Dad
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Birthday/ Father's Day Baseball Gift for Dad is designed on the makeaballbaseball and would interest those who like baseball gift for dad, fathers day baseball gift, gifts for dad, custom baseballs, gifts, grandfathers, and birthday...
  • The Ultimate Gourmet Collection and Cutting Board
  • Description:This makes a great party gift! Serve up our handsome wooden cutting board, topped with delicious gourmet goodies and we guarantee the snacking won't stop! It includes savory summer sausage and select meats, delicious cheeses and tasty crackers. A great gi
  • Personalized Cherry Wood Humidor
  • Description:When properly monitored in this heirloom quality cherry wood humidor, cigars will retain their freshness indefinitely. Cigars are natural products, and therefore require care and protection just like any other perishable item. Holds one dozen cigars. Bras
  • Urban Craftsman Heartwood Valet Box
  • Merchant:Modern Artisans
  • Description:Handmade in the USA, this Valet Box is handcrafted with heirloom-quality hardwoods. The handsome lid is burled madrone expertly cut to reveal the wood's swirling pattern with a spalted maple accent.
  • 70th Birthday Gag Gifts Hat for Men
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable 70th Birthday Gag Gifts Hat for Men is designed on the hat and would interest those who like seventy, seventieth, 70 years, 70 birthday, for 70th birthday, humorous, and birthday presents stuff.
  • Gold Tone Golf Balls and Tees - Two
  • Description:These are an ideal addition to any golf collection! These playable rich gold tone finish golf balls and tees (not real gold) are plated through a unique process. These sets can be ordered in multiple quantities, and make exceptional client gifts or best m
  • Personalized Black Border Cufflinks
  • Description:Impossibly elegant, these personalized black border cufflinks make an unforgettable impression. Give as a groomsmen's gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift.
  • Customizable BBQ apron
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Customizable BBQ apron is designed on the apron and would interest those who like bbq, apron, cook, accessories, gifts, for, and cooks stuff.
  • Hunters Retreat Gift Chest
  • Description:A woodlands themed mug and a collection of gourmet goodies for any hunter.
  • Size Matters! Funny Fishing Design Trucker Hat
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable Size Matters! Funny Fishing Design Trucker Hat is designed on the hat and would interest those who like size matters, funny, fishing, fisherman, fisherwoman, fishing joke, and gifts for fisherman stuff.