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Beach Wedding Invitations

“Because I was a person who was always creative, I knew I would end up in some sort of artistic career. Art class was always my favorite, so it’s no surprise I studied art, business and interior design in college. I went on to start an interior design business in my early career. I just love putting together colors, textures, and great compositions. This career shifted once I became a parent, to a more “stay at home” career, doing graphic design, photography and illustration. I have also always loved the ocean and the beach, and it is one of my greatest inspirations for beach themed wedding invitation sets, favors and accessories. Because I only get to visit the beach during vacations, and (maybe someday again) on a cruise, I really appreciate it’s beauty that much more. Creating beach wedding invitations is fun for me, and it’s also exciting when someone chooses my design to express their feelings about their wedding day.”

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