Bridesmaid Dresses for young teens

How to dress a 12yr old bridesmaid so she’s not too grown-up and not too young looking? This can be a tricky age for the young woman, hovering between being a child and being a teenager. They want to look fun and fashionable and not be seen as frumpy or Continue Reading

Why brides fallout with their bridesmaids – will this be you?

Losing friends while planning a wedding – never!!   “What on earth could cause friends to fall out when planning something so special? This surely only happens in exceptional circumstances”. Sadly that is not the case as a specific study carried out into the reasons why brides fall out with bridesmaids Continue Reading

Marsala Bridesmaid Dresses

Trending Marsala Wine Bridesmaid Dresses Marsala (wine color) is trending for bridesmaid dresses for 2017 and 2018 weddings. The colors are warm and compliment many skin tones which makes it a great choice for bridemaids and maids of honor as each bridesmaid will be different. They will differ in body shape Continue Reading