What Wedding Dress Will Suit My Shape

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Whatever fruity flavor of bride you are, pear, apple, advocado – check out these tips on what to wear

Transform your shape into a sexy hourglass with these easy to apply style tips

How to transform an apple into an hourglass

how to dress an apple bodyshape

What is an apple body-shape?

Apple body shapes may also be thought of being ‘boxey'. That is they have a short torso and as a result a less defined waist. They may have long slim legs and this is the feature we wish to highlight and capitalize on with the ‘apple' body shape.

Tops and dresses with a ‘raised' waist – usually just below the breast line that then drape stright down past the hips are great for emphasising the length of legs and minimising attention to the boxey middle.

Shorter dresses and baby doll tops with shorter skirts are perfect for also drawing attention to the legs while creating a classy top half.

Wedding Dresses for the apple shaped bride

These wedding dresses (all available in plus sizes) have waist lines that sit high which for an apple body shape help create an illusion of a waist and emhasize the slimmest part of the torso. The dress then flows downwards and outwards creating wonderful curves.

Stunning Tulle & Satin V-neck Natural Waistline A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress

Let's look at some reception, cocktail dresses suitable for the apple body shape.

You will note these dresses have a waist line starting below the bust and the eye line is drawn via design details to the legs, whether it be a split in the dress, shorter length, fabric folds etc. The upper half is also accentuating the bust line while again creating an illusion of a waist – by raising it!


Price: $44.99

Plus Size Color Block Tan A line Dip Hem Dress


Price: $44.99

Plus Size New York City Drapey Sleeveless Coat


Price: $44.99

Plus Size Gala Surplice Neckline Long Sleeve Dress


Price: $44.99

Plus Size Crossed Back Leopard Print Maxi Dress


Price: $42.99

How to turn a pear into an hourglassget an hourglass figure whatever your body shape

First things first it doesn't matter what weight or dress size you are, the body shape decides what the fashion rules are and these apply equally to a size 4 as they do a size 40 and so on. As such larger ladies can take fashion ideas from their smaller but similarly ‘shaped' counterparts and look just as fabulous.

What is a Pear body shape?

A ‘pear' body shape is one where the hips are wider than the shoulder and the waist is defined. Some may call this body shape ‘bottom heavy'. It may also mean being longer in the torso and having shorter legs. As such to achieve the illusion of an hourglass figure for a pear body shape the aim is to balance the shoulders with the hips and emphasize the waist. At the same time we need to work on giving the appearance of a shorter torso and longer legs.

Our objectives for creating the hourglass body shape are:

Create a broader shoulder line – you can achieve this with fuller shoulder tops such as puff sleeves and a rounded, square neckline. Avoid polo and halter necks and these will emphasize the narrower upper half of the body in relation to the hips. Patterns, detail and jewelry also create more definition to the bust and shoulder area. Off the shoulder tops are also great for creating the illusion of width in this area as well as being very sexy!

Reduce the width of the hips – A line skirts or full (retro fifties style) skirts and low waisted trousers, jeans  draw attention away from the widest part of the hips and put it on the narrower waist.

Highlight and bring in the waist – Belts, corsets, fitted tops.

Lengthen the legs – straight legged trousers, jeans are preferable to tapered, skinny ones which emphasize the width of the hips and shorten the appearance of legs. Darker colors are preferrable to light. Heeled shoes always lengthen the legs, but aren't always a comfortable choice. I find wedges and platforms the more comfortable option. Avoid ankle strap shoes as these ‘cut off' the ankles and feet making legs look shorter.


A pear-shaped bride can achieve a wonderful hourglass figure with full off the shoulder straps, corset waist and full skirt, A-line dress.

Examples of dresses that give  Pear body shape an hourglass figure

Fabulous Tulle & Organza Off-the-shoulder Neckline A-line Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques

Price: $528.32

Stunning Tulle Off-the-shoulder Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques

Price: $473.98

Amazing Lace & Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress With Handmade Flowers

Price: $453.98

Beautiful Elegant Exquisite Satin A-line Wedding Dress In Great Handwork

Price: $399.98

Pear to hourglass cocktail, party, bridesmaid, reception dresses

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Wedding Dress Trends 2017

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Wedding Dress Trends for 2017 are set to be a contrasting blend of Avant Garde and Masculine Chic.

Lace is still trending, with vintage style caplets, subtle cut-outs, trouser suits and more. It's an ecclectic mix for the new year.

  • Fabulous Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques
  • Description:Fabulous Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques Fabric :tulle Details :This wedding dress is made of tulle. The lining is made of satin. There is satin at the waist and ;back. ;Exquisite lace appliques are decorated on the dress from the bodice t
  • Price: $433.32
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Wedding Dresses from China – can you trust them?

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NOTE: We advertise DressilyMe and AdasBridal – if you have used them, please share your reviews with us here – thank you

Is it a good idea to buy a Wedding dress from China – Can we trust the quality and sizes?

Buying wedding dresses online from any supplier in any location will have its difficulties simply because you're not trying it on before you buy and as with all clothes bought online this will be very hit and miss re sizes and quality. When it comes to buying any item of clothing from China specifically we need to bear in mind, many of the High Street clothes we buy locally from are also selling clothes made in China and so we know we can find quality items made in China.

The difference is though that we can see the quality and try on the garment once it is available in a local store and we can't do either of those things when we buy direct from China. Buying direct from China though is increasing in popularity due to the massive savings we can make. We can save hundreds of pounds on wedding dresses buying them off the shelf and even custom-made from China based sellers, via eBay or websites like DressilyMe and AdasBridal.

What if I don't like it, it doesn't fit – can I return it?

If we are buying clothes online generally the only way to obtain a refund is to return the item. Many merchants insist we pay the return postage and shipping fees before they will even consider a refund and in many cases they do not cover the cost of return postage. That is even when they are in the wrong. This is not the case for all however and this is why it is all important to read the ‘returns policy' before ordering. If it costs you more to return the item than it cost for the item itself – is it worth it? In many cases we write bad purchases from abroad off to experience. It's not so easily to do this with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses as we are often restricted by time constraints and of course lack of alternative options.

We don't though, want to avoid overseas sellers due to these hiccups.

MANY do offer a great service and great products at prices we can afford as their testimonials (on social networking sites) show.

So what do we do?

How to safeguard your online purchase

  1. My advice would be to order early enough to allow for returns or hiccups so you have time to make alternative arrangements and do not leave yourself panicking last-minute about shipping delays and other problems. If you do decide to order early, keep a regular eye on your own measurements so they don't change! Last thing you want is to gain or lose so much weight the dress doesn't fit on the day due to ordering too soon. The same of course applies to bridesmaid dresses ordered from China.
  2. Read the sellers returns policy – if it stinks, move on.
  3. Take your OWN measurements and check them against their measurement charts – do not rely on UK, USA etc. dress sizes when ordering from China or other overseas sellers. Here is a handy video demonstrating how to take your own body measurements accurately.
  4. I have found a few times the fabric used in the China made garments is different to that shown in the picture on their website with the result that how the garment ‘falls' and fits around the body differs from that in the photo. Familiarise yourself with different fabric types and their appearance. And read the details re what the clothing item you're buying is made from. If it isn't made from a  fabric that appears to have the qualities of the fabric in the image, then you will know to expect differences in how the garment looks on you compared to the model.
  5. Read the sellers feedback and reviews – do they look genuine? Check the dates – are they all the same day or spread out over a period of time.
  6. Has the seller  been trading long?
  7. What is their communication like – you may want to test this by emailing them for advice before making a purchase. If you're ordering an expensive item like a wedding dress you may need advice about sizes, customizations and more, so good communication is essential. Trust your gut, if it's poor, move on.
  8. There are some great social networking sites where brides share details of their China wedding dress purchases. If they report a great result ask to see their own photos of the dress and the sellers promotional photos. Then you can see for yourself if there are any marked differences in quality though it's still only a photo – bear this in mind at all times.

All online clothing purchases come with a risk. Are the savings worth it?

I myself buy clothes from China for my regular wardrobe and make regular savings and it is a bit hit and miss even when using the same seller. Overall … I have found the savings worth it. You however need to make your own mind up re this one. I hope these guidelines go some way to helping you.

Please do share your China wedding and bridesmaid dress reviews below so brides can benefit from great savings and quality!

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Choosing A Wedding Gown

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A wedding gown isn't merely a dress that is worn by the bride. It is the substantial emblem of purity, love, and happiness that awaits the bride in her future with her groom. That is why finding the right wedding gown is as important as preparing the wedding celebration itself. Therefore, for people who do not know how to choose the perfect wedding gown, here are some pointers that could help you out.

1. Use all the resources available in choosing ideas and design on your wedding gown.

Before, wedding magazines are the only resources where the bride-to-be can get some useful ideas on her wedding gown. However, with the advent of the Internet, she can now browse for more ideas and concepts of wedding gowns online.

There are web sites that will provide you with full details regarding a particular wedding gown, complete with prices, different styles, and fashion sense.

2. Make a budget and strictly conform to it.

Budget will never be absent in any wedding plans. However, the most common problem that arises concerning budgeting is the fact that people do not stick to it.

Hence, if you have a budget for your wedding gown, it would be better to stick to it and not be enticed with all the promotions of whoever will make your wedding gown. Otherwise, you will fall short on the other aspects of your wedding plans.

3. Be sure to have your wedding gown looking good in all angles.

Usually, the most neglected part of the wedding gown is the back. So, when ordering a wedding gown, be sure that you will also look good from behind. Most of the time, the guests will have a look at your back so you definitely have to look good from behind.

4. Be practical with the designs that you want to use.

Like any traditional wedding gowns, large skirts and long gowns are the typical styles of yesteryears. But in today’s modern world, there are cases wherein wedding gowns like these are not at all practical especially if the venue is just small.

Moreover, it can be burdensome for the bride to carry such a heavy dress throughout the wedding celebration. What matters most is to make the bride comfortable to what she is wearing.

5. Take into account the environmental condition of the venue of the wedding.

When choosing a wedding gown, it is best to consider the weather and the venue. This will have a great effect on the kind of material that should be worn by the bride.

For example, if the wedding will take place during summer, then, it is best to choose the materials for the wedding gown that will not make the bride sweat and perspire throughout the celebration.

Indeed, deliberating on the details of the wedding gown can be a daunting task. That is why it is important to provide a hefty amount of time in preparing, designing, and ordering the wedding gown. In this manner, there will be plenty of time for any changes and modifications without the tendency to come up with a rushed work.

More importantly, the bride should always consider her comfort when choosing a wedding gown. Looks and designs will only be put to waste if the bride is not comfortable wearing it.

As the old cliché goes, you are what you wear. Therefore, it would be better to wear a wedding gown that would reflect the happiness and love that is within the bride. In turn, the wedding gown will appear before the audience as the most beautiful centerpiece of the ceremony.

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Planning a vintage theme wedding? What’s involved …

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vintage wedding car

Article By Frederick J Barr
Why go Vintage? Flapper girls. The Great Gatsby. The roaring 1920s. Today, the world is looking back on some of the greatest times in fashion. The bridal industry is following the trend with more and more brides choosing to go for a vintage feel on their big day. Lace dresses, subdued colors, and lots of champagne are the basics to accomplish this elegant, timeless look. Here are some tips and techniques to nail the perfect vintage wedding.Choosing a Classic Color Palate: Choosing the right colors for your vintage wedding will help set the scene and will take your wedding guests back in time. Use muted colors like beige, ivory, toupe, or stone grey. Once you've established a few base colors, add an accent color like siege green, vintage rose pink, peachy orange, or deep purple.

The Bride: The bride is the center piece to the wedding. What the bride wears will set the tone for the entire wedding. When going for a vintage look, three items come to mind: 1. Lace dress 2. Bold jewelry 3. Birdcage veil. For anyone looking to give off a vintage vibe, wearing a gorgeous, lace dress will do the trick.

You can still find a dress that will fit your body type; fit and flare, mermaid, silhouette, even a beautiful A-line dress will create a retro look. Consider doing an ivory or blush dress instead of the standard bridal white which tends to look more modern. Once you find the perfect gown, finding bold accessories will be key. Now is not the time to be conservative when it comes to bling; the gaudier the better ladies! Layers of long, pearl necklaces or dramatic chandelier earrings with bright gems will create the look of extravagance and excess much like the roaring '20s.

The vintage wedding is not complete without the bride wearing the perfect veil. When it comes to picking the perfect vintage wedding headpieces, or a veil, the only truly vintage option is to pick the trendy birdcage veil. Birdcage veils are all the rage and the latest trend in the bridal world. Add a vintage style hair comb or feathery accent piece to finish off your up-do hairstyle. Complete your bridal day look by adding red lipstick or elbow length gloves.

The Bouquet: You can create a vintage bouquet by using some of your muted theme colors in your favorite flowers or by creating a trendy broach bouquet with authentic vintage antiques.

The Reception: For your reception, your center pieces are what pull the theme together. Make sure to add lots of bling with sparkling jewels and gems everywhere. Pull of that vintage look with lots of feathers. Use a muted color of your favorite flower to make a vintage statement at your wedding reception. Don't forget the jazz music! You can have a jazz quartet for your intro music as you are walking down the aisle or have a full swing band so your wedding guests can groove the night away to music from the 1920s.

The Finishing Touches: Let your guests know ahead of time that you are planning a Great Gatsby themed wedding and ask that they wear their vintage suites and dresses. Your bridesmaids can wear short dresses with lots of intricate detail and beaded jewelry with vintage headbands that finish off the '20s look.

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