Convey Elegance and Sophistication with these Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Minimalist with an abundance of white space is the essence of contemporary wedding invitation trends for 2018, 2019. Design elements include stylized typography, monograms and a splash of watercolor paint. The pure simplicity and elegance of this trend ensures your wedding colors are catered for without noisy images and flourishes detracting from the theme. The wedding invitations and coordinates featured here are by LeahG via Aardvark Designs.

navy blue wedding invitations watercolor trending 2018
Blue Waters
Midnight Blue Gold Wedding Collection
Blue Gold 
dark spring floral turquoise green wedding invitations 2018
Dark Spring
blue spring wedding invitations flowers navy 2018 trend
Blue Spring
modern quirky wedding invitations whimsical handdrawn
Whimsical Invitations
fun wedding invitations handdrawn handwritten
Fun Wedding invitations
modern save the date rustic
Modern Save the Dates
photo collage wedding invitations instagram trending 2018
Photo Wedding Invitations
dandelion wishes wedding invitation trending 2018
Dandelion Wishes
Rustic Olive Leaves wedding invitations trending 2018
Urban Olive
Save the date ink stamps
Ink Stamp Wedding
wedding vow journals custom
Vow Journals