Say NO to gender stereotypes with this Empowering Non Girly No Limit Clothing

non girly clothing girl power tshirts personalized
All t-shirts can be personalized on the back with the girls name – can also order in sizes from baby up to adult women

Empower your daughters to be strong, bright and adventurous with these non girly clothes – all personalized on the back making great birthday gifts

Not every little girl is destined to be a Princess or a Ballerina! Many will become Business Women, Doctors, Scientists, Sports Women, Leaders and Soldiers … so let’s see some inspirational motivational clothing that reflect that!

Here they are – my own range of motivational stereotype shattering non girly clothes for girls. You can add the girls names to the back to personalize making these non girly tshirts perfect birthday, christmas gifts.

These empowering non girly t-shirts show your daughters, grandaughters, nieces, goddaughters that there are no limits to what they can achieve.
empower girls clothing non gender sterotype non girly personalized
                                             Adventurous, Brave, Big Ideas
Girls can be heros and indeed we have many female heros in our midst, they’re just not celebrated as much as they should be. I aim to correct that with more great no-limit clothing in the pipe line.
Meanwhile if you have any ideas for non girly, no limits clothing drop me a line in comments! 

GIRLS BIG IDEAS Astronaut Add NAME Back Tshirt

Astronaut t-shirt for girls

Girls can be astronauts too and now your aspirational space loving girl can proudly display her ambition and love with this wonderful astronaut tshirt for girls, personalized on the back and available in sizes from baby up to adult women.

GIRL GENIUS Tshirt Science Maths NAME on Back

GENIUS Tshirt Science Maths For Girls

Great t-shirt for girls who love maths, science and all things genius! Celebrate your daughters ambition and excellence with this genius t-shirts. Personalized on the back and available in sizes from baby up to adult women.


GIRL BOSS Play Hard Work Hard

Women hold many positions of power in the workplace and politics, let’s celebrate and encourage that with a Girl Boss t-shirt! Girls can be entrepreneurs too and many are. Personalized on the back and available in sizes from baby up to adult women.

GIRL POWER Knight Warrior Solider ADD NAME ON BACK

GIRL Knight Warrior Solider

With the popularity of strong women and girls now featured in Disney and Pixar films as well as films girls more than ever want to enjoy feeling empowered, strong and defiant. Standing up to and defeating great wrongs in the face of adversity. Here we have a fun girl knight, warrior t-shirt to do just that. Personalized on the back and available in sizes from baby up to adult women.

GIRL BOXER Tshirt Purple Pink ADD NAME on Back


Girls who like to box and are taking boxing lessons will love this girl boxer t-shirt

GIRL RACER Tshirt Motorbike ADD NAME on Back

GIRL RACER Tshirt Motorbike 

Hey girls like motorbikes too ya know – the speed, the thrill, the power. It ain’t just for boys!

GIRLS love ADVENTURES Add name Back Girl Power T-Shirt


I had lots of adventures when I was a little girl. I was always up a tree, digging a hole, pretending to be lost on a desert island! Let your daughter dream of big adventures!

BRAVE GIRL Power Tshirt Red Indian Add Name Back

BRAVE GIRL Power Tshirt 

This t-shirt is a great play on words. Celebrating the American Indian and empowering girls to be brave all at the same time!

GIRLS BIG IDEAS Doctor Add NAME Back Tshirt

GIRLS Doctor Tshirt

Never mind nurses (we love them too) what about all the female Doctors and Surgeons out there! Be a Doctor!

SUPER HERO Tshirt 4 GIRLS Name On Back

SUPER HERO Tshirt 4 GIRLS Name On Back

Yes girls want to be superheros too and aspire to be a hero in their own life, encourage them to be so with this fun hero t-shirt for girls.

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