Farewell Gift Ideas – saying goodbye isn’t easy

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Farewell Gifts That Send A Lasting Message

Edit the Text On These Farewell Mugs to reflect your own personal thoughts about your friend, colleague, boss leaving or retiring, moving away.

Saying goodbye can be a sad occasion or a joyous one if you can’t wait to see them go 🙂

Assuming that is not the case; wish your friend, colleague, family member ‘bon-voyage’ ‘farewell’ ‘see ya later’ ‘safe travel’ with an awesome goodbye gift and message.

Farewell Gift Colleague Friend Boss Personalized Coffee Mug

Smell The Roses FAREWELL mug Colleague Friend


Smell The Roses FAREWELL mug Colleague Friend

FUNNY Goodbye Colleagues Mugs

These funny Colleague leaving mugs read “It won’t be the same without you … it will be better.” and “Maybe now you’re leaving I can get some work done!”

Farewell Gift Ideas From Amazon

Sentimental Farewell Gifts – Personalized Journals

A gift that can’t fail to be enjoyed is a quality leather bound journal, personalized with name or monogram is even better. It gives the one leaving a sincere message that you wish to hear about their new life and stay in touch. The journal symbolizes them recording their journey to retell back to you at some later point.

Photo Keepsake Gifts

Other great farewell gifts include a photo keepsake gift, perhaps of them with you, the family, work team and so on. Also popular is a framed page of signatures and well-wishes from friends, colleagues and family. This is a more sophisticated version of the goodbye card that circulates around the office. A personal farewell gift could be a scrapbook featuring happy memories of your time together.

Check out some more personalized farewell gift ideas below.

How to Say Farewell to Co-Workers

By Jennifer Maughan

Saying farewell to co-workers is easy for some and difficult for others. Depending on how long you've been at the job, the associations you've made and your position in the company, a farewell can be as simple as a group e-mail or as complicated as a farewell speech at a gathering in your honor, but these tips can help you in any situation.

Keep It Simple: There's no need to recount each year you've been with the company or explain your reasons for leaving. Merely mention the fact that you've been offered a position somewhere else and that you'll be leaving on a certain date. Job search details, salary negotiations or even details on your new job are not necessary in a farewell to co-workers.

Keep It Positive: Never say farewell to co-workers via a negative delivery. Don't recount all the things wrong with the company or the boss, and never express how you can't wait to leave. Instead, touch on how you're grateful for everyone's friendship, for the goodbye party and farewell banner and for your time among them all. Keeping your farewell message on a positive note sets the tone for how you'll be remembered at the company and expresses a lot about your true personality.

Keep It Personal: Whether you say farewell to a co-worker in person, via e-mail or via a card, try to personalize it by pointing out something you've appreciated about your association with them. You could mention a successful project you worked on together or express gratitude about how your co-worker always kept the office laughing. If you've received a farewell gift, be sure to mention it specifically.

Keep It Open: Always express the desire to stay in touch with the co-worker, even if it's just for questions or for sending holiday cards. A written farewell can include a personal e-mail address or cell phone number, or you can write those down for the co-worker you are bidding farewell to in person. Even if you don't envision a time when you'll actually communicate beyond your time at work, it's always a good idea for networking purposes. You never know when giving out your contact information will benefit you professionally in some way.

With a graceful exit, your co-workers will remember you well, and you will strengthen your network for the future.

For more information on farewell party, visit the holidays section of Life123.com. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jennifer_Maughan/411761

7 Farewell Gift Ideas

By Wadzanai Nenzou

Buying farewell gifts can be a challenge as you will want it to have meaning and remind the person of you after they have gone. You will need to find a gift that is unique, amazing and affordable and there are many different options for you to choose from.

You can find farewell gifts in many different stores or online. If shopping online you will have far more choice and you will find that special gift that will suit the person leaving. Whether they are leaving the area, country or just their job you will find the perfect gift for them.

Gift baskets are an excellent way to bid farewell to someone. You can have them made up for you or select the items yourself. You can have them as simple or as extravagant as you want and there are many different options to choose from. Gourmet foods, wines, cheeses, cakes, fruit and even cosmetics can all be placed in a gift basket. The only thing stopping you is your imagination; if the person is leaving to live abroad then you could fill the basket with items from their new country.

A piece of jewelry is always a nice farewell gift and you can find something suitable for either a man or a woman. You can have the jewelry personalized with the date of their leaving party or a special message from you. You can buy watches, bracelets, necklaces and brooches all in various different designs and styles. For men cuff-links are always a popular choice as they can wear them at a special event and be reminded of you.

Spa vouchers are a perfect way for you to show your appreciation and bid farewell to a friend, they will give them the opportunity to relax before beginning the next stage in their lives. You can book them in for as little or as much as your budget will allow. There are some fantastic packages that day spas offer and you will be able to select a vast range of treatments. This gift is affordable and is really something for the person who is receiving it. It is the perfect way to wind down and relax before the chaos begins.

Personalized gifts are ideal if you want the person to remember you every time they look at the gift, these days you can have anything personalized from key rings to picture frames. What you decide to have personalized will be down to your individual taste and what the person is likely to use. You can have some special photos or pictures placed in a frame for them to remember everyone once they have gone. Personalized items are very affordable and unique which makes them very special to receive as a gift.

Gardening equipment or seeds are a very good gift idea especially if the person is retiring and likes to spend time in the garden. Now they will have more time to plant things and tend to their plants and with your gift this will help them. You can buy gardening gift sets for them.

Holiday vouchers are a new idea to give to people as a farewell present as they may be having time off before they leave so they are ideal. You can find out their ideal vacation destination and then buy them vouchers towards it. They can have a well deserved vacation break before starting their new life, if there are a few of you wanting to wish them goodbye then these are ideal. You can help the person to have some time in their favorite place to relax and reflect.

Magazine subscriptions are a great gift idea as they will enable you to offer something long term, if the person leaving likes reading a particular magazine then these are ideal. You can sign up for the whole year and they will have the magazine delivered direct to the door. This type of gift is one that will have a use as well as being great and very much appreciated.

Whatever gift you decide to buy you should buy it from the heart with the person in mind, although there will be lots of things that you can buy. You should always try and put some time and effort into the gift to ensure it is just right. Saying goodbye can be a stressful time and you want them to leave with a smile on their face.

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  1. I once bought a gift for a good friend who was leaving because she found work in another town a long way away. It was a piece of wood with a boat painted on it, the quote said “Only those who have the courage to lose sight of the shore discover new lands.” She loved it! She said that pretty much summed up how she was feeling at the time.

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