Handmade Polymer Clay Miniatures of your wedding cake by Honeybeedesigns

honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 5

I came across a wonderful talented Polymer Clay sculpter who handcrafts miniatures of your wedding cake so you have a life long keepsake of what is afterall an expensive and integral part of your wedding day! It’s all about the dress and the cake right ladies! I can’t imagine not wanting one of these. I do however not have any idea how much they cost, so that may be a deal breaker, but you can find out by submitting you cake pics to the maker.

Facebook Page for HoneyBeeDesigns miniature clay cakes

honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 10Here are a few words from Honeybeedesigns creator Hannah Khan:
Handmade from polymer clay, I make small replica models of wedding cakes and any other occasion so you have a keepsake to remember that special day! So once the day is done and the cake has been eaten you can now have a miniature model which will last forever.honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 2

The cakes are handcrafted based the design as shown in photos supplied by the client. It is baked to harden the clay and finally vanished to complete and seal it.”

honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 8Hannah has her own studio where she creates her unique polymer clay wedding cake miniatures.

The cakes are of the scale you can see here allowing for various elements of the wedding cake miniature to be seen and enjoyed.
Various polymer clay sculpting honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 9tools are used to carefully shape the miniature elements. The cakes once made are packaged beautifully ready for posting.

Hannah also makes miniature bridal bouquets from Polymer Clay.

I love the multilayered chocolate fruits cake!
honeybeedesigns polymer clay minitaure wedding cakes 3

Making your own miniatures

I am a big fan of Polymer clay crafts and have a lot of tools and clay myself but I know I do not have the skills to create masterpieces such as those shown here. However if you fancy a go at it you will find some useful polymer clay sculpting tools, tutorial books and clay via Amazon as seen here.

Miniature edding Cake Moulds and Decorations