LeahG wedding photo
My wedding photo 1999

Money was short back in 1999 and my wedding budget was just £5,000. Though I appreciate this is still a lot of money! I saved money by making my own wedding table flower arrangements and ordering my bridal bouquet (shown here in my wedding pic) from a market florist.  I saved money and I was delighted that making my own flower arrangements gave my wedding a personal touch. This is me and my hubby 1999 with my budget bouquet! I was very proud of them both :). I did a flower arranging course back in 1991 so I wasn’t a complete novice. But not everyone is that fortunate to have done some flower arranging training! 

I have sourced a useful Wedding Flower Arranging Tutorial eBook for you, so you can also save money on your wedding flowers, bridal bouquet, reception decor and so you can feel that same sense of pride and accomplishment that I did knowing you made these yourself. The bragging rights will be all yours!

The eBook has clear instructions and I’d suggest a few trial runs in the lead up to the wedding. Once you have decided on your theme, the colors;  select the flowers, where they will be required and away you go!  

Click Here to view more details.

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