How to protect your wedding dress from staining

How To Protect Your Wedding Dress From Getting Stains


How To Protect Your Wedding Dress From Getting Stains

By Hera X

A wedding dress doesn’t come cheap; therefore, you need to take good care of it. While many bridal shops will keep the dress for you until a few days before your wedding, it’s wise that you know how to maintain the dress to prevent it from getting stains.

Proper storage

The most basic way of maintaining your dress is storing it properly. If you will be storing the outfit for less than six months you should hang it on a padded hanger in a closet. You should ensure that the closet is away from direct sunlight.

To prevent wrinkling you should keep the dress in such a way that you leave a few feet of distance on either side of the closet.

You should protect the dress from dust by covering it with a white cotton sheet. You should avoid using a plastic sheet as it will trap water causing mustiness and mildew. Plastic also tends to emit gases thus causing deterioration of the dress.

Be cautious during the wedding

To ensure that the outfit remains clean during the wedding you need to take a lot of caution. For example, if the outfit has to go over your head when wearing it you should prevent transferring your makeup to the dress by placing a lightweight cotton cloth over your face. When doing the final makeup you should drape a towel over your shoulders.

When travelling, you should be cautious of the seats that you sit on. Unless the seats are professionally cleaned, you should always spread a white sheet on the seat.

If you accidentally encounter a stain, you should immediately work on it. As rule of thumb you should spot treat it by working it from the edges towards the inside. For ideal results you should use a cotton swap to apply the cleaning mixture. When applying the mixture you should be cautious and avoid saturating the fabric.

Store the dress properly after wedding

When you are done with the wedding you should take the dress to the cleaner as soon as possible. You should take the outfit to the cleaner regardless of whether the dress is dirty or not. After cleaning, you should store the dress in an acid free box. To ensure that the cleaner packs the right dress, you should ask him/her to let you see the outfit before it’s packed.

If you can hand clean the outfit in your home you should clean it thoroughly and ensure that you remove all the stains.

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