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Bachelorette Party Ideas for A Memorable Girls’ Night-Out

Bachelorette Party Ideas for A Memorable Girls’ Night-Out

By Febrina J Tanghal

Aside from the wedding day, the bride, the bridesmaid and some close friends should get ready for the bachelorette party. So if your best friend will tie the knot in a few days, then have these unique ideas to have a party the bride and the girls will truly enjoy and will never forget.

1. Wine tasting

Visit vineyards and wine stores around your area to have a taste of different wines of different cultures. Make sure you have a car and a driver (who won’t drink) so you won’t have to worry going around the town.

2. Cupcake crawl

Tell the girls to have a light dinner and have a car take you to the best sweet stores in the area. Just warn them to slow down with the treats to avoid sugar overload quickly.

3. Karaoke

One of the most fun bonding moments is karaoke in which girls can live up their singing fantasies. Have them pick the song in which they can try their singing style. Karaoke bars have closed rooms if your girls are shy about their not-so-professional voices.

4. Spa

Pampering yourself for a day is surely one effective way to relax after months of planning the wedding. Spas offer different services that fit perfectly with your budget.

5. Dancing class

Improve your flirting skills in dancing classes in strip tease, belly dancing or pole dancing. Learn how to move your body and release your inner goddess. Although some may feel or look silly initially, at the end of the class it will be worth it. Also it is considered a workout.

6. Fortune-telling

Visit a palm reader, a tarot reader or just someone who looks at the crystal ball to tell your future. Have the person give each one their own readings. You could provide small notebooks to everybody so they could write down the predictions.

7. Comedy bars

Comedy bars will surely bring laughter and wit and will keep you away from the stress of the coming wedding day. Make sure the place is where someone’s humor makes sense. It will surely entertain all of you all night.

8. A night of games

You could have a game night in which you can have the activities you enjoyed as a kid such as skee ball, bumper cars and mini-golf or the DIY games such as charades, Go Fish and Mad Libs. You could even invent your own. The important thing is it will be fun.

9. A panty party

Tell the other girls to fill the panty drawer of the bride with something from the lingerie department. Ensure you also let them know the bra and panty size of the soon-to-be-wife. Gather everyone in a private room and let the fun begin as the bachelorette opens her gifts.

Like they say, “Girls just want to have fun”, and having a bachelorette parts means party, fun, girl bonding and unforgettable memories before the bride says “I do”.

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10. Exotic male dancers/strippers – say no more!



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