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Pkan The Perfect Nautical Themed Wedding With These Great Design Ideas

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By Bridget Mora

The crisp classic flair of a nautical theme wedding is timeless. Always appealing, classic, and elegant, it is hard to go wrong with this inspiration for your wedding design. Get started on your wedding planning by checking out these wonderful nautical wedding details.

Nautical Wedding Location Ideas

The first place to begin when planning a nautical inspired wedding is by selecting an appropriate location. Without a doubt, a venue by the sea would be best. A yacht club would be particularly good, as would an outdoor setting overlooking a harbor or the ocean. Of course, if you live in a landlocked area, many other wedding venues can be decorated with a nautical theme, including country clubs, backyards, and other outdoor sites.

Nautical Wedding Colors

It would seem virtually impossible to plan a nautical wedding without including the color navy in your color palette, so why fight it? Add a bright white and apple green for a fresh modern take on nautical design, or add red and dashes of yellow to the navy for a very traditional nautical palette. The overall look of the wedding decor should be very crisp and streamlined. Stripes, solids, and one or two nautical motifs will be ideal.

nautical wedding invitations and decorations personalizedNautical Wedding Motifs

Some of the best nautical motifs include anchors, sailboats, nautical flags, compasses, and ships’ wheels (and maybe whales for the ultra-preppy bride and groom!). Pick one or two of these motifs to focus on, rather than jumbling up a whole bunch of them. It will lend the wedding design more clarity and precision.

Be wary of adding too many shells, sand dollar, or starfish elements to your nautical wedding, lest it blend into the more generic beach wedding theme. Think regatta, not just seashore. Once you have your signature wedding motif selected, you can carry it throughout the entire wedding, from the invitations to the menu cards to the favors.

Nautical Wedding Flower Ideas

Classic flowers work best for a nautical wedding. If you have selected a green and navy color palette, the obvious choice is green hydrangeas. They make beautiful bouquets, gorgeous ceremony decorations, and stunning centerpieces – how perfect and easy is that? White roses and white tulips would be other great flower choices. If you have opted for red and yellow accents to the nautical navy, tightly gathered bouquets of red tulips or round nosegays of yellow button mums would be ideal. Wrap the stems with navy and white grosgrain ribbon secured with pearl tipped pins in a straight row down the handle.

Nautical Wedding Attire

Nautical Bridal Gown

The wedding attire for a nautical wedding will naturally be crisp and classic, without being too formal or stuffy. An A-line bridal gown is ideal, in a fabric like silk mikado, organza, faille, or silk pique. This is not the time for the poufy satin ballgown with tons of beading! Add a peal necklace and simple fresh makeup to complete the look.

Nautical Bridesmaid Dresses

As for the bridesmaids, knee length strapless dresses in navy would be just about perfect. If you want, a patterned dress would also be a great option, either in a nautical motif (think Vineyard Vines) or a striped design in your wedding colors. Once again, the classic pearl necklace is ideal to complete the effect.

Nautical Groom Suit

The groom and groomsmen will look great in navy jackets with khaki trousers (or red one if your wedding is on Nantucket). Choose striped ties or ones with a nautical theme to complement the bridesmaid dresses. Another great option for the guys is khaki suits.

Nautical Wedding Decorations

Finish off your nautical theme wedding with an eye for details. Little touches like lanterns on the reception tables, sailor’s knots, and mini sailboats for escort cards will bring your theme to life without going overboard (pardon the pun). The understated elegance of a nautical theme is always beautiful for a wedding, whether you and your groom are seasoned sailors or total landlubbers.

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