Personalized wedding guest book ideas, get creative

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Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas – To Suit All Kinds Of Needs \ By Samantha York \ Weddings are a simply a celebration of love and emotions – that the bride and groom feel for one another, their family and friends feel for them and all the blessings that they bestow on them. Every wedding culminates in a whirlwind of memories that the married couple would like to cherish forever. And just photographs do not always do justice to this task. This is where wedding guestbooks come into the picture. The tradition was created to fulfil one simple goal – provide the guests and loved ones with a channel to convey their messages and blessings to the bride and groom. They make wonderful keepsakes too, something that the couple can cherish for years to come in their happy marriage. You too should definitely include this tradition in your wedding celebrations. Now if you are facing any problems in doing so, or just need some interesting ways to spice up the tradition to your taste, here are some unique wedding guest book ideas to suit all kinds of needs. \'95 Combine photography and our guest book to make a picture magazine of sorts. Have a professional photographer take Polaroid-style pictures of your wedding guests and have then sign their messages on them. You can later combine these together for a memorable wedding guest book. \'95 Another interesting idea will be to use your pre-wedding photo-shoot pictures as a guest book. Use the best pictures of you two as a couple and combine them to make a wedding guestbook. Your friends and family can then sign their messages on these pictures, leave their blessings and convey their happiness for the married couple. \'95 On a tight budget? Cut or buy 3×5 or 4×6 note cards in a colour that coordinates with your wedding. Simple card-stock paper will do perfectly fine. You can embellish or decorate these cards or simply put them as they are in a basket of a silver platter. These can serve as a beautiful guest book for your friends to leave their messages and marriage advice in. Later on, you can use your creativity and combine these in interesting ways with the other wedding memorabilia to create amazing keepsakes. \'95 A wedding scrapbook will also be a great idea but this is something you will have to start making as soon as your wedding preparations begin. Start collecting small mementos and articles from your wedding planning process – napkins, frills, table doilies, flower cut-outs and china pattern prints. You can combine these together into a lovely scrapbook with space for the guests to leave their messages in. This unique wedding guestbook will serve as a reminder of all the efforts that went in to make the ceremony as memorable as it turned out to be! Looking for more interesting ways to spice up your wedding guestbook? The internet can be a good place to start looking for ideas. In fact, is one website where you can find some of the best and most creative styles to design your guest book in. Do check them out! Samantha York is a wedding planner and event coordinator. She recommends as the best place to design and buy unique wedding guest book alternatives to make your marriage ceremony even more exciting. \ \ \ Article Source:”rel=nofollow”\—To-Suit-All-Kinds-Of-Needs&id=8715965″rel=nofollow”\ You can buy awesome ring binders from zazzle that you can personalize by adding text, photos, designs. Some of mine are below.

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