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Article By Frederick J Barr
Why go Vintage? Flapper girls. The Great Gatsby. The roaring 1920s. Today, the world is looking back on some of the greatest times in fashion. The bridal industry is following the trend with more and more brides choosing to go for a vintage feel on their big day. Lace dresses, subdued colors, and lots of champagne are the basics to accomplish this elegant, timeless look. Here are some tips and techniques to nail the perfect vintage wedding.Choosing a Classic Color Palate: Choosing the right colors for your vintage wedding will help set the scene and will take your wedding guests back in time. Use muted colors like beige, ivory, toupe, or stone grey. Once you’ve established a few base colors, add an accent color like siege green, vintage rose pink, peachy orange, or deep purple.

The Bride: The bride is the center piece to the wedding. What the bride wears will set the tone for the entire wedding. When going for a vintage look, three items come to mind: 1. Lace dress 2. Bold jewelry 3. Birdcage veil. For anyone looking to give off a vintage vibe, wearing a gorgeous, lace dress will do the trick.

You can still find a dress that will fit your body type; fit and flare, mermaid, silhouette, even a beautiful A-line dress will create a retro look. Consider doing an ivory or blush dress instead of the standard bridal white which tends to look more modern. Once you find the perfect gown, finding bold accessories will be key. Now is not the time to be conservative when it comes to bling; the gaudier the better ladies! Layers of long, pearl necklaces or dramatic chandelier earrings with bright gems will create the look of extravagance and excess much like the roaring ’20s.

The vintage wedding is not complete without the bride wearing the perfect veil. When it comes to picking the perfect vintage wedding headpieces, or a veil, the only truly vintage option is to pick the trendy birdcage veil. Birdcage veils are all the rage and the latest trend in the bridal world. Add a vintage style hair comb or feathery accent piece to finish off your up-do hairstyle. Complete your bridal day look by adding red lipstick or elbow length gloves.

The Bouquet: You can create a vintage bouquet by using some of your muted theme colors in your favorite flowers or by creating a trendy broach bouquet with authentic vintage antiques.

The Reception: For your reception, your center pieces are what pull the theme together. Make sure to add lots of bling with sparkling jewels and gems everywhere. Pull of that vintage look with lots of feathers. Use a muted color of your favorite flower to make a vintage statement at your wedding reception. Don’t forget the jazz music! You can have a jazz quartet for your intro music as you are walking down the aisle or have a full swing band so your wedding guests can groove the night away to music from the 1920s.

The Finishing Touches: Let your guests know ahead of time that you are planning a Great Gatsby themed wedding and ask that they wear their vintage suites and dresses. Your bridesmaids can wear short dresses with lots of intricate detail and beaded jewelry with vintage headbands that finish off the ’20s look.

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