Are you Queen of gifting and party planning? You can be

how to be a success party planning and gift givingWe all want our event, gifts or special occasion contribution to be a success, and why wouldn’t we? It takes, time and money and we don’t want either wasted. My So Special blog aims to show you how to be a success at gift giving and party planning while staying sane and out of debt while having fun along the way.

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How To WOW

A good place to start when it comes to wowing gift recipients and party, wedding guests is Zazzle!

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Zazzle is a world leader of print on demand customizables. Their range of products is phenomenal, in the hundreds. You can customize things as obvious as a tshirt, mug to things as random as pingpong paddles and flipflops. I kid yee not!

I am registered with Zazzle as a designer (you can see my stores here) and as an associate. I’m biased but only because I know how great they are.

You can view their full list of cutomizable products here.

These are blanks but Zazzle also have many thousand template items ready to go with stunning designs by talented artists and designers that you just add text to via template fields.

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Trending Personalized Gifts

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Officially Licensed Brands You Can Add Names zazzle officially licensed brands add name

Create Your Own from blank templates – Add Photos and text

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Customizable Wedding Stationery, Gifts, Party Supplies

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Business Supplies and Merch

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How Do I Create Personalized Items In Zazzle?

There are two ways to create a unique customized, personalized gift, accessory, home decor item, party invitation and partyware supplies with Zazzle.

  1. You can be super creative and start with a blank product template (they have hundreds to choose from including t-shirts, buttons, mugs, water bottles, pillows, blankets, pillow cases and more). You can add a design or illustration you created yourself or a photo of the child and you can add text which could be a name, dates, special greeting.
  2. You can choose from one of many thousands of ready made template designs which allow you to add the desired text, names to personalize them. This is of course the easiest way to go.

What if I can’t do it – I’m not great with online stuff?

Zazzle’s customization tools are pretty straightforward but if you struggle with any aspect of the design process, help is just an email away. Contact the designer (they have contact details on their product page) or myself, we are happy to assist. And the help is generally free, so do ask.

You can also SELL your own designs on Zazzle – here’s what you can do if you’re creative and inspired!

Zazzle encourages creatives to set up store with them – you add your designs, some blurb to help them be seen and Zazzle do the rest. They manufacture, ship and take payment, deal with all customer queries. And YOU can earn whatever royalty you choose to set for each item sold.

Sounds simple? It is simple.zazzle artist seller program

Are you feeling inspired ? If you are, you can join Zazzle’s artist seller community here.