“Dear Leah

My finance who I love dearly has recently started asking for things sexually that I don’t feel comfortable with. We have been dating for two years and having sex for eighteen months. I am not as sexually experienced as him but I’m pretty sure I know what is normal sex and what is freaky! He never showed this side to him before we got engaged and now he has, I kinda go along with it but the more I do the more freaky he gets and I am afraid to say no incase he doesn’t want to marry me. I am also sure I don’t want to spend married life having freaky sex that I don’t enjoy! What do I do?

Please help.”


Dear Shannon

Wow … There is a serious lack of communication in this relationship and until you resolve it marriage should be off the cards. If you haven’t expressed to your fiancé you don’t enjoy these ‘freaky sex sessions’ how is he to know you aren’t as freaky as him? He may be thinking you enjoy it as much as him and you’re happy with his evolving desires. You must be open and honest. He will be hurt to learn you’ve been faking it all this time but if he loves you and respects you he will only hence forth engage in sexual activities YOU both enjoy.

Meanwhile I suspect this isn’t the only aspect of our relationship that lacks communication and you both need to work on that. Consider delaying the wedding until you have improved communication and you KNOW you are both on the same page sexually.

I hope this helps. Be strong

Leah x

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