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By Guy Antonelli

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Have you been casting about for the perfect theme for your wedding? The right theme, after all, is a great way to bring everything together and to make your wedding memorable and fun. To get you started, these are ideas on how to create some of the most popular wedding themes.

Summer or winter, one of the all time favorite reception themes is a tropical wedding. In the summer months, the breezy spirit and festive atmosphere of a tropical wedding feels just right, and in the winter, the bright tropical colors provide a mood-enhancing boost for your wedding. Designing around a tropical theme is actually quite easy, and it is definitely a lot of fun. The goal should be to put together a party that feels like it is taking place on the beach of a gorgeous tropical beach, even if it happens to be held in a backyard or a church basement.

For a tropical theme, bright colors are one of the main keys. Exotic flowers in hot pink, fuchsia, and orange will set the mood. wedding bridal bouquet ideas

Look for bridesmaid dresses in the same festive colors. Treat your guests to frozen signature
cocktails like strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas (with paper umbrellas, natch). The dinner menu should feature plenty of tropical fruit like pineapple. The reception music can really help to get everyone into a relaxed island frame of mind. Choose from styles like Jamaican reggae, steel drums, or the gentle tones of Hawaiian luau music.

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Another classic wedding theme is a nautical motif. Like the tropical theme, this one also has the seaside in mind, but it is done in a very different way. A nautical wedding is fresh and preppy, like an afternoon spent in the sea breeze on Cape Cod. Use details like crisp blue and white striped tablecloths, blue and green hydrangeas in tin pails, and fresh squeezed lemonade. On the menu? Seafood, of course! Make it lobster for a New England wedding, blue crabs along the Chesapeake, or shrimp along the Gulf Coast.

The attire at a nautical wedding should be crisp and classic. For the groom and groomsmen, navy blazers can be worn with khaki trousers, Nantucket red pants, or even seersucker Bermuda shorts. The bride will look splendid in a simple white A-line organza or silk mikado dress, perhaps with a blue sash, and definitely with pearl bridal jewelry. The bridesmaids can wear knee length dresses in a pretty pale blue,a sharp navy, seersucker stripes, or even madras plaid, once again accessorized with simple pearl bridal jewelry. This is the type of wedding where good taste is always in style.




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Autumn brides can choose another terrific theme: the rustic barn wedding. This blend of elegance and country charm is perfect for a fall reception. The ingredients include: a rustic old barn with rough hewn ceiling beams (perfect for suspending strings of lights or funky chandeliers), hay bales for ceremony seating, potted mums, and lots of pumpkins (ideally carved with the bride and groom’s initials). On the menu are hearty stews, mulled cider, and a delicious chocolate wedding cake. Send your guests home with fall favors like maple candy in the shape of autumn leaves.

There are many other wonderful wedding themes from which to choose. There is the icy sparkle of a Winterrustic wedding ideas shabbychic Wonderland wedding, the hip vibe of a chic city loft affair, or the old fashioned charm of a garden wedding. With all of these fantastic options, the toughest part may be choosing the perfect theme for your dream wedding.

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