Vow renewal gift registry ‘to have or not to have’ that is the question – Q

Q: I’m having a vow renewal ceremony and wonder if it’s ok for me to include a gift registry with the invitations?

A: In terms of gift etiquette you wouldn’t have a gift registry for a vow renewal as it is generally understood you had wedding gifts the first time around. This won’t be the case for those who of course had smaller weddings but it is still not a ‘polite’ idea. If guests do ask you what you’d like as a gift, you could suggest something or just reply with ‘your presence is gift enough’. Then if they choose to buy you a gift it is entirely up to them. Most sources will agree that a gift registry for a vow renewal is a no-no.

The exception is of course if you are renewing your vows on a ‘milestone’ anniversary. In which case it is the norm to receive commemorative anniversary gifts. You would also not a gift registry for an anniversary.

Below are some commemorative vow renewal and anniversary gift ideas. these make wonderful gifts as they can be personalized to properly commemorate the occasion.