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Mostly A’s

You are a Princess Bride

Having dreamed about your wedding and your wedding dress from a young age you want a beautiful gown with intricate details and a large full skirt. You are marrying your Prince Charming and you want to be the Belle of the Ball.

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You are a Beach Bride

You want to feel the sun on your face, a sea breeze in your hair and the sand between your toes. A luxurious but relaxed and stress free wedding is your dream and a wedding dress that is comfortable, pretty and suited to the weather and conditions is your perfect dress.

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You are a Bohemian Bride

A Bohemian bride, you prefer a wedding which is partly outdoors with a rustic barn, wild flower vibe. Loving nature and the elements there will be lots of rustic features including mason jars and burlap at your wedding. You will likely handmake some of your own wedding decorations and enjoy those features that have a more DIY look about them. Your perfect wedding dress is pretty, lacey and flowing.

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Mostly D’s

You are a traditional girl who prefers modern, classic lines to too much detail

A social creature with strong family ties you want a fairly traditional wedding but with a classy, modern edge. You prefer elegance and classic lines to too much detail and fuss and your wedding will feature trending colors and decorations with a strong emphasis on ‘chic’.

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Mostly E’s

Rockabilly – Fifties – Vintage Bride

You are an adventurous individual who marches to the beat of her own drum and wants something different for her wedding day! It may have a vintage, retro vibe with an emphasis on music and dancing. Your prefect wedding dress is classy, vintage and very unique. You aren’t afraid to be a bit ‘out there’ and break free from tradition.

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