What is wedding invitation wording etiquette and how important is it?

Minimalist Contemporary Wedding InvitationsHow important the wording on your invitations is and whether it is traditionally formal or OTT informal is a matter of your own personal taste and perhaps that of your parents if they are planning or paying for the wedding.
What to include:
There is a particular format for formal wedding invitations (detailed below) which can be deviated from in any manner as long as the main details are always present those being:
  • Begin with – Reference to the host (who’s paying?)
  • Bride and Groom names
  • Ceremony date
  • Ceremony time, venue
  • Rsvp date, contact details
  • Reception to follow

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Additional details can be included on the reverse of invitations or as a separate enclosure. You can use Save the Dates sent out a few weeks ahead of the invitations to add items such as gift registry details (some consider this impolite, but times are changing) directions to the venue, hotel accommodation info for guests travelling, transport details, menu etc.

Alternatively these details can be listed on a wedding website , Facebook page. You can add the web address for the webpage to your invitation – descretley at the bottom or on the reverse.

Plus 1’s and children – I have separate articles for dealing with these tricky subjects . Traditionally it would be impolite to add rules to the invitation or save the dates re these, and simply ensure all invitations are addressed to each guest. However, it is more often the case now that reference is made to these things via an additional details card , on the website via a polite one-liner or with a sensitive poem.

Is the design of the wedding invitation important?

The design of the wedding invitation should reflect the tone and theme (if there is one, color etc.) of the wedding. It will give your guests an idea of how they should dress and prepare for the event. The information should be user friendly and without ambiguity.

When to send the wedding invitations out?

Guests will need advance notice to possibly make travel plans, book time off work, book child-sitters and save, buy  a new outfit, gift etc. I would recommend 8 weeks before the wedding or 6 months if it is a destination wedding. Some couples send out Save the Dates around 4 – 6 months before the wedding and the invitations can then follow at 6 – 8 weeks ahead of the wedding.

What should the RSVP deadline date be?

The RSVP date should be adequate for you to be able to make proper plans and payments. The latest should be 2-3 weeks ahead of the wedding. You need to let the caterer know, make seating plans and so on. You can have a telephone, email for the rsvp or a RSVP postcard or other for guests to communicate this information.

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

  • Wedding guests invited to the ceremony are traditionally invited to the reception.
  • All words should be written out in full, including names, dates and times. Words as oppose to numbers, no abbreviations.
  • Religious Invitations – Host Names followed by: ‘request the honor of your presence‘.
  • Non-religious ceremony can read “request the pleasure of your company
  • If the bride’s family are hosting the wedding, her parent’s names go first followed by the bride and grooms, with the groom’s parents names below their sons name (son of etc.) The reverse if the wedding is hosted by the grooms family. When hosted by the bride and groom and their parents add the Bride’s name first, then the Groom’s name and ‘together with their families’ or ‘together with their parents’.
  • Addressing envelopes write out all guest names in full adults and children. Enclose RSVP cards with stamped pre- addressed envelopes (unless it’s an rsvp postcard)

Informal Wedding wording

There are no wording rules other than to ensure the required information as noted at the start is present. You can have expressions such as:

  • ‘Bride and Grooms first names are Getting Hitched / Tying the knot

Balance of Both – The contemporary wedding invitations I design have a balance of formal and informal wording based on the guidelines above. If you like the style of my designs but would like the wording altered on the store copy, drop me a line as I can make those changes for you (no charge).

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