Every year of marriage is something to celebrate, however traditionally we have anniversary milestones. These milestones are represented by various elements which I have set out for you below. I have also sourced a range of wedding anniversary gifts, cards, party invitations and so on to fit those milestones perfectly. Scroll down to view them all. A click on any image will take you to that store to view a wider selection.

  • 1st   US = Paper     UK = Cotton
  • 5th   US and UK  = Wood
  • 10th  US and UK = Tin
  • 15th US and UK = Crystal
  • 20th US and UK = China
  • 25th US and UK = Silver
  • 30th US and UK = Pearl
  • 40th US and UK = Ruby
  • 50th US and UK = Gold
  • 55th US and UK = Emerald
  • 60th US = Yellow Diamond UK = Diamond
  • 65th US and UK = Blue Saphire
  • 70th US and UK = Platinum


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