What Disney Princess Bride are You?

Disney fans will love this Disney princess moodboard collection I’ve put together.

Disney weddings are trending in 2018 and 2019 with bride and grooms incorporating the Disney theme with a variety of movie titles or a single Disney film theme such as that of ‘Frozen’. Frozen is a very popular Disney wedding theme, especially for the winter bride. Disney Princess fans, let’s have some fun!

Elsa – Disney Frozen Princess

disney frozen gifts
Disney’s Frozen Movie is a popular theme for winter weddings. The pale blue and the icy whites are lovely.


Who doesn’t want to look like Cinderella when they get married? It’s the perfect Disney Bride choice for those who love large ballgown style dresses with a lot of detail. Pure elegance and what a way to make an entrance on your wedding day!

Snow White

My Disney Snow White Dream Wedding
Snow White Brides have a desire for romance and drama and this theme has it all! The red, blue and gold colors are striking!

Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora

Blue Princess Aurora gifts
Sleeping beauty is a less popular choice for the Disney Bride perhaps as it has no distinct style. If this is your favorite let me know how you’d make this theme happen?

Ariel – Mermaid Princess

Ariel gifts
Could Mermaid Ariel be your Disney bride of choice for your wedding? If you love the Ocean this could be for you. Perfect for beach weddings.

Jasmine – Aladdin

Wedding Jasmine
Disney Princess Jasmine looks so pretty in this teal collection


Pocahontas Disney Princess gifts
I love this Pocahontas Disney bride collection, especially the dress! The color theme of gold and turquoise is very popular now.


Mulan gifts
Mulan is the perfect choice if you love a delicate flower theme and are fan of pink.

Tiana Princess and the Frog

Tiana's Wedding
Tiana is the perfect Disney bride if you love minty green which is trending now for weddings.


Rapunzel Red Carpet
For a truly magical Disney wedding, why not go all out with a Rapunzel theme!

Merida – Brave

Merida Disney Princess Wedding collection
 Fans of bold and courageous women may love this Merida Disney Bride collection. A great choice for the shabbychic bride.

Belle -Beauty and the Beast

princess belle gifts


Gold metallic is very trendy this wedding season, and Belle is a perfect wedding theme for those who want to go all out on a vivid gold or vibrant yellow wedding gown.

This concludes our Disney wedding moodboard collection – so which Disney bride are you?

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