What Wedding Dress Will Suit My Shape

Whatever fruity flavor of bride you are, pear, apple, advocado – check out these tips on what to wear

Transform your shape into a sexy hourglass with these easy to apply style tips

How to transform an apple into an hourglass

how to dress an apple bodyshape

What is an apple body-shape?

Apple body shapes may also be thought of being ‘boxey’. That is they have a short torso and as a result a less defined waist. They may have long slim legs and this is the feature we wish to highlight and capitalize on with the ‘apple’ body shape.

Tops and dresses with a ‘raised’ waist – usually just below the breast line that then drape stright down past the hips are great for emphasising the length of legs and minimising attention to the boxey middle.

Shorter dresses and baby doll tops with shorter skirts are perfect for also drawing attention to the legs while creating a classy top half.

Wedding Dresses for the apple shaped bride

These wedding dresses (all available in plus sizes) have waist lines that sit high which for an apple body shape help create an illusion of a waist and emhasize the slimmest part of the torso. The dress then flows downwards and outwards creating wonderful curves.

Stunning Tulle & Satin V-neck Natural Waistline A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress

How to turn a pear into an hourglassget an hourglass figure whatever your body shape

First things first it doesn’t matter what weight or dress size you are, the body shape decides what the fashion rules are and these apply equally to a size 4 as they do a size 40 and so on. As such larger ladies can take fashion ideas from their smaller but similarly ‘shaped’ counterparts and look just as fabulous.

What is a Pear body shape?

A ‘pear’ body shape is one where the hips are wider than the shoulder and the waist is defined. Some may call this body shape ‘bottom heavy’. It may also mean being longer in the torso and having shorter legs. As such to achieve the illusion of an hourglass figure for a pear body shape the aim is to balance the shoulders with the hips and emphasize the waist. At the same time we need to work on giving the appearance of a shorter torso and longer legs.

Our objectives for creating the hourglass body shape are:

Create a broader shoulder line – you can achieve this with fuller shoulder tops such as puff sleeves and a rounded, square neckline. Avoid polo and halter necks and these will emphasize the narrower upper half of the body in relation to the hips. Patterns, detail and jewelry also create more definition to the bust and shoulder area. Off the shoulder tops are also great for creating the illusion of width in this area as well as being very sexy!

Reduce the width of the hips – A line skirts or full (retro fifties style) skirts and low waisted trousers, jeans  draw attention away from the widest part of the hips and put it on the narrower waist.

Highlight and bring in the waist – Belts, corsets, fitted tops.

Lengthen the legs – straight legged trousers, jeans are preferable to tapered, skinny ones which emphasize the width of the hips and shorten the appearance of legs. Darker colors are preferrable to light. Heeled shoes always lengthen the legs, but aren’t always a comfortable choice. I find wedges and platforms the more comfortable option. Avoid ankle strap shoes as these ‘cut off’ the ankles and feet making legs look shorter.


A pear-shaped bride can achieve a wonderful hourglass figure with full off the shoulder straps, corset waist and full skirt, A-line dress.

Examples of dresses that give  Pear body shape an hourglass figure

Fabulous Tulle & Organza Off-the-shoulder Neckline A-line Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques

Price: $528.32

Stunning Tulle Off-the-shoulder Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace Appliques

Price: $473.98

Amazing Lace & Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress With Handmade Flowers

Price: $453.98

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