Ideas for a Bridal or Bridesmaids Luncheon – Invitations

Honor your bridal party with a thank you luncheon

modern bridesmaids luncheon invitations rustic purpleWhat is a bridesmaids luncheon?

A bridesmaids luncheon is a luncheon (tea, brunch, dinner, cocktails) held in honor of the bridesmaids. It can also include all members of the bridal party including flower girls, maid of honor, mothers of bride and groom etc.

In this case you might instead refer to it as a Bridal Luncheon. It is traditionally held a few days before the wedding.

Popular Ideas for Bridesmaids Luncheons include:

  • ideas for bridesmaids luncheonA traditional tea party with vintage china teacups, saucers and plates, wonderful decorative cake stands and a selection of little sandwiches, cakes and teas. You may host this bridesmaids tea party at your own home or that of a family member or in a tea shop.
  • A formal lunch, brunch or dinner at a local restaurant, coffee shop or cafe.
  • A Mexican style Fiesta
  • A tropical Hawaiian style Luau
  • Coffee and Cupcakes (donuts, cakes ..whatever you fancy!)
  • Brunch and Bubbly – with cocktails or champagne

The months, weeks and days leading up to the wedding can be quite stressful and challenging for all those involved in the planning and so a luncheon to acknowledge the help and support of those around you is a great way to put all that behind you and begin to look forward to the big day!

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The choice of event is entirely yours and you may choose to have a luncheon, tea, supper, dinner, champagne or cocktails. Whatever the specifics of the event, ensure all your bridesmaids (bridal party) are present. Generally this is a female only event.

bridesmaids luncheon ideas coffee cupcakes invitations

A bridesmaids luncheon is different to the bridal shower in that the bridal shower is an opportunity for the bridal party to honor the bride and gift her with things she may find helpful for her wedding day. Games are played and it is all very much bride centred. The bridesmaids luncheon (bridal luncheon) however is in honor of the bridal party that are supporting the bride.

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It is usual to gift the bridal party during the wedding reception after dinner (bouquets of flowers, monogrammed thank you keepsakes) but these can alternatively be gifted at the bridesmaids luncheon. This ensures it is more intimate and memorable.

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Bridal or Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations

Featured here to inspire your bridesmaids luncheon event are various modern and trendy bridesmaids luncheon, brunch, tea, bridal lunch invitations. The wording varies on each and you can edit it further to suit your exact needs. Some of them contain a little thank you poem (verse).

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bridesmaids tea party luncheon brunch invitations botanical greeneryTo view the FULL selection of bridal and bridesmaids luncheon invitations enter HERE

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