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I randomly watch ‘Four Weddings’ the TV show where four brides ( occasionally a groom is thrown in) compete to win an all paid for Honeymoon somewhere exotic. The competition involves them attending and rating each others weddings. Given the nature of the prize, most brides I’ve seen will go all out to bitch about the other brides weddings. The brides criticise the catering, the wedding cake, the wedding reception decorations, the brides dress, the first dance, the marriage ceremony, the wedding venue, the temperature, the lack of drink, guest behaviour and so much more.

Occasionally we hear something complimentary but really it’s not as often as the bitching complaints and whinging. Is this down to the fact the brides want to win the honeymoon so they find reasons to score each bride low or do they genuinely critique weddings they attend this way? If that’s the case why on earth do we spend do much money trying to entertain guests when all they do is bitch about our efforts?

It is very disheartening to watch and yet compelling at the same time. I don’t watch for the bitch rest I just like to see how other people ‘do it’. It’s also a shame that mostly the brides with the most cash win the honeymoon holiday. When they could easily afford it themselves and the poorer brides are left standing in the rain. 🙁

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