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Mix and Match Your Bridesmaids 

Mix and Match Guide - color pairs

Color Trends - charts and codes for 2020/2021

Here's why! 

Expecting all your bridesmaids to look fabulous and most importantly feel fabulous in the exact same dress as the woman standing next to them is expecting a lot! They will have different body shapes, complexions and their own individual style. And if you love them enough to want them to be part of your big day, you surely love them enough to want them be comortable on your big day? 

This is why at the Low Budget Wedding Network we were delighted when mixing and matching bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses began to trend. The different styles and shades look fabulous together (as long as you harmonize them correctly - more on that later) and they really are the way forward for millenium wedding couples. Don't be stuck in the dark ages with everyone looking the same. 

No one will outshine you as the bride in your beautiful dress so you can be confident enough to let your bridesmaids, your faithful entourage, compliment your chosen wedding theme in an original way. Mixing and matching bridesmaids dresses in color, length and style is also a great way to ensure your wedding bridal party doesn't look like a carbon copy of anyone elses! 

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Take your mixing and matching to a new level by having two complimentary colors working together. See below for ideas of trending colors and ideas of how mixing and matching bridesmaids and flowergirl dresses can really work to your advantage.

Mix'n'Match Color Guide

We've chosen bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses in the seasons latest colors and hues (sage green, dusty blue, blush pink, rose gold, mauve and more) and grouped them together on our Amazon storefront so you can quickly see how the colors work together and if they fit your budget. Prices are low, starting from $10 and reviews are positive. However it is important you read reviews thoroughly and check any customer photos. Check your measurements before ordering and ensure the delivery dates allow enough time for you to return the item if necessary.


In recognition of diversity and individuality opt for mix and match 

Bridal Party Dresses - respect the shape!






Color Chart - trending colors for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 

trending colors 2020 2021 winter autumn
trending colors 2021 spring summer