FREE Wedding Invitation Templates – the cheaper version?

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Have you seen the FREE wedding invitation templates popping up around the web?

The free wedding invitation templates I have seen can be very pretty, lots of vibrant colors, lovely detailed script. Super – so what’s the downside, maybe there isn’t one? Let’s look closer at this ‘free’ wedding invitation option. How ‘free’ is it really?


Free wedding template on your computer that you can input your wedding details to, print at leisure or take to the printers to be printed at your leisure.


How are your IT skills?

To edit this free wedding invitation template you will need some basic design skills and the required design program. The template designs cannot be adjusted in any way and you are restricted to the exact layout and wording as shown on the template. If you wish to remove or add something that is included on the template – you can’t.

You could get around this by investing in some software that you CAN edit to suit your needs.

What printer do you have?

Once you have sourced the quality card (a trip to the local craft store) required for wedding invitations and the envelopes you need a printer that is robust and advanced enough to deal with the card thickness, the colors and the volume! I don’t have a printer like this do you? Mine is pretty standard.

Off to the printers then …

If you go this route, please go by recommendation! This is by no means a guaranteed route to quality or efficiency. You MUST see proofs before giving the go ahead and check for typos – there are inevitably some. Now add in the cost of travel and time going to and from the printers and of course the end product. We hope you like it, there are no returns!

Conclusion: VERY impractical, time-consuming and expensive when you add in your car fuel, parking fees, card and envelope costs, printing , perhaps buying the required software. It’s definitely NOT a cheap option.


Compare the free template option to the FREE CUSTOMIZATION  service Zazzle offer their wedding clients.

Zazzle is a world leader in print on demand goods and their customization tools are phenomenal. I am an affiliate advertiser for Zazzle and I may generate a small referral fee for items ordered following links from this site. Zazzle have a no quibble money back guarantee and hundreds of thousands of happy married clients! Check out their testimonials.

But that aside – at first glance their prices don’t seem to offer much in the way of savings BUT Zazzle frequently have massive sales on up to 60% sometimes more, it’s crazy! So check out their COUPON page here and bookmark it so you can (if you want) take advantage of their bargain wedding invitations when they’re on offer.

It works like this

  1. You choose your design
  2. You edit and customize your design
  3. You choose your card size, shape, type and envelopes
  4. You Order and Pay for your design – using any applicable wedding coupons!!

Your wedding invitations with envelopes arrive in the post shortly after.

More about the Designs 

Shop Custom Save the Date InvitesZazzle is host to thousands of beautiful wedding invitation templates readily available for you to browse at your leisure using their helpful search tools. I guarantee they will have the design type, colors and theme you are looking for.

If they do not, ask a popular designer (via their ‘contact’ tab) if they can accommodate your unique needs. They will often do this FREE. Your own designer FREE – imagine that. Not all will do this but many do.

You save time and money with Zazzle – period

Meanwhile take a peep at a handful of Zazzle’s popular wedding templates – all customizable