Let me introduce the wonderful art world of Sarah Trett

personalized girly rag doll clothing for girls

personalized named girly rag doll clothing for girlsSarah Trett one of my favorite Zazzle designers creates template gifts for YOU to customize and purchase and she designs for her own children.

Here she shares some of her own designs that she bought for her young children Rachel and Ryan.

I think you’ll agree they’re adorable.

I especially love the Rag Doll Illustrated gifts and clothing. We can see who inspired that wonderful design! Rachel is modelling next to her (top image) ! What a lovely pic.

personalized named boys gifts accessories Sarah Trett is a talented designer who uses a mixture of mediums to create her wonderful art including watercolor illustrations (my personal favorite).

personalized named girly girl tshirts clothes

She has been working with Zazzle for a number of years and regularly adds new designs to her store which she created herself.

You can visit her store HERE to see more of her wonderful creations.

Unique gifts guaranteed every time and you cannot buy these on the High Street.sarh trett designs for kids and adults personalized


Ready to get started yourself?

Here’s How!

There are two ways to buy a unique personalized birthday gift for a child via Zazzle:

  1. You can be super creative and start with a blank product template (they have hundreds to choose from including t-shirts, buttons, mugs, water bottles, pillows, blankets, pillow cases and more). You can add a design or illustration you created yourself or a photo of the child and you can add text which could be a name, dates, special greeting.
  2. You can choose from one of many thousands of ready made template designs which allow you to add the desired text, names to personalize them. This is of course the easiest way to go.

What if I can’t do it – I’m not a technical wizzo?

Zazzle’s customization tools are pretty straightforward but if you struggle with any aspects of the design process, help is just an email away. Contact the designer (they have contact details on their product page) or myself, we are happy to assist.

You could even SELL your own designs – here’s what you can do if you’re creative and inspired!

Zazzle encourages creatives to set up store with them – you add your designs, some blurb to help them be seen and Zazzle do the rest. They manufacture, ship and take payment, deal with all customer queries. And YOU can earn whatever royalty you choose to set for each item sold.zazzle artist seller program

Are you feeling inspired yet? If you are, you can join Zazzle’s artist seller community here. 



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