Bridal Hair and Make-Up Trends for 2018 and 2019 are diverse and super sexy – take a look!

wedding bride beauty mood board


Most 2018 and 2019 brides have an idea whether they want their hair worn long or short – with an updo. What they may not know is the exact style and hair decoration. Check out these styling tips and accessories (trending on Amazon) for inspiration.

Long or short?

When it comes to length of hair, even 2019 brides with short or medium length hair can wear their hair on their wedding day long, thanks to the many wonderful clip-in hair extensions now available. They are very affordable and easy to put in, for a temporary day to evening glamor look.

For the bride with short hair who prefers to wear it short, we have some great short hair styles here dressed with hair accessories to give the bride a romantic, pretty look. We will show you how to wear your short hair on your wedding day.

Updos at this time include ‘the knot’ which is a modern version of the bun. The knot tends to be looser and is more versatile. Let’s take a look at the bridal hair style mood boards we have created to help select a hair style for your wedding.


The current trend for long bridal hair styles is to wear the hair fairly loose and unsculpted. Especially popular are fish tail plaits which are larger than the traditional plait and looser. You can wear these plaits to the side for a bohemian look and weave flowers into them. This is a perfect bride hair style for a garden, outdoor, rustic barn, beach style wedding.

Wedding Hair Bride Long Style Ideas BOHOemian

Also featured here are loose ponytails which lie on a bed of loose hair. Not all the hair is tied up. This allows for a romantic boho chic type look which teamed with floral hair accessories is very pretty and natural looking. If you are a bride who has long hair and wants a more natural look, this may be the hair style for you.


Take a look at this modern-day spin on the hair bun – the knot. As you can see from the bride hair mood board below there are many ways to wear the knot and dress it. You can wear a tiara or a floral garland for a medieval dressy look. Wearing your hair up with pieces flowing down at the sides is a more elegant look which suits a 2018 Princess type bride theme. Imagine Grace Kelly with this stylish hair style.

Wedding Hair Ideas Bride Updo THE KNOT styles


Many 2019 brides start growing their hair when they start planning their wedding so they have more options when it comes to dressing it for the big day. Take a look at this brides with short hair wedding mood board to see why that’s no longer necessary. You can have very short hair and still make a beautiful bride with some careful styling and well-chosen hair accessories.
Wedding Hair Ideas Bride SHORT styles


When it comes to dressing the bride’s hair there are lots of options. You can choose from diamanté style hair combs, feather and flower fascinators, tiaras, flower garlands and more. Take a look at our hair accessory mood board for ideas.

Wedding Bride s Hair acessories Bling or Flowers


The days of looking fresh-faced and unmade up on you wedding day are long gone. Today’s bride wants a smokey glamorous look for her eye and face makeup. With eyebrows being all trending now, getting their shape right is all important. I had my eyebrows ‘threaded’ when I got married and they looked super.

If you can’t work with what you have consider having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist who specialises in weddings. With a pre-wedding practice session you can perfect the look you want. Work on those eyebrows, eyes and contouring your face for a Hollywood wedding glamor style.

Check out our eye make-up mood board for ideas on colors and styles of application.

wedding bride makeup mood board


Having nails done for your wedding day is something many brides go to extra lengths to make extra special. You can opt for a natural French Manicure look or follow today’s trends with nail art and airbrushing. You can match your nails to your wedding color theme. Checkout our bridal nails mood board for inspiration. Choose a nail artist who you can work with ahead of time to find the look you want and that will last throughout your wedding day and evening do.Wedding Bride s Nails Polish Ideas


On your wedding day you will spend most of the day on your feet. You will be hosting your wedding, mingling with guests and making yourself available to all the people who want a piece of your time! And there will be plenty of those. Relatives you haven’t seen in a while, close friends and more. A wedding day is not a restful day, it is busy and you will need comfortable shoes.

The good news is that even if you like high sexy shoes, you can if it’s a long wedding gown get away with wearing something lower and more comfortable as your feet will barely be seen. If you do want to wear those high sexy heels regardless, perhaps have some lower heels on standby for comfort after the initial bride entrance and wow factor has been exhausted.

Meanwhile you can be stylish, glamorous and comfortable with good shoe design. A top tip is to wear your shoes ‘in’ before your wedding day especially as in most cases they will be new. Opt for a comfortable sole with cushioning and padding. Leather tends to stretch to the shape of your foot better than synthetic materials so that’s a good choice for long-term comfort.

If you are having a beach wedding, consider how much time you will spend walking on sand. How will heels fair in the sand? You can easily get away with a glamorous beach shoe, flip-flop for a beach wedding.

If you take a look at our wedding shoe mood board you will see we have sorted the brides shoe style into heel size as an indicator of comfort.

Wedding Bride's shoes comfort or style or both


To have or not to have that is the question! As a bride do you need a bag? Many BRIDE’S do find a small purse, clutch bag helpful on their wedding day. They may have hotel room keys in it, a mobile phone and a speech. Also a place for personal lady items is welcome. You could let your maid of honor take care of all this for you, but then you’d need to be wherever she was to access these items. Check out the variety of bride bags and purses you can have to match your wedding dress. As you can see there are all sorts of colors, styles and fabric types to choose from.

Wedding Brides clutch purse bag

This concludes our overview of bride beauty, if you have any questions drop up as a line. Our editor in chief LeahG trained (many many moons ago) in hair and beauty (including for brides) so can help you with queries and suggestions.