TOP TEN TIPS – How to choose the perfect wedding favors for your big day

Wedding favor ideas, ornament What to consider when deciding what wedding favors to buy.

1. How many guests you need to buy wedding favors for.
2. Budget for wedding favors

Only when you know what your wedding favor budget is ( based on the number of guests) can you look at ideas for wedding favors. The difference could mean a fridge magnet versus a crystal studded gift box. Either way, you want your wedding favor to become a treasured keepsake , memento of your special day by your guests. You want it to be kept not discarded  with the confetti and rice at the end of the Wedding day.

3. Size
If you have 200 guests, 200 wedding favors can take up a LOT of space, so for practicality purposes ie. storage, delivery and display; small favors are preferable. Also your guests will appreciate something they can treasure that they can take home easily and store or display easily. Especially if they attend a lot of weddings and accumulate a lot of wedding favors!

4. Gift wrapped favors?

Many mass produced wedding favors will be complete with a decorative packaging, others you may have to apply some gift wrap or embellishment to. This is another time consuming issue and a cost issue. A cost that results potentially in a lot of waste. So selecting wedding favors that need little to no gift wrap may be a more desirable option.

5. Personalized wedding favors

Ideally a wedding favor will have some distinctive trait that will enable the guest to recall your wedding, you and the memories. This could be accomplished with personalization via a photo of the happy couple , save the date text details, monogram etc. Customized wedding favors  used to be an expensive option but thanks to Zazzle ‘s awesome variety of Customizable  gifts  and  accessories, it’s much more accessible.

6. Not all wedding favors were born equal  

You can vary the type of favor given so that head table guests, bridesmaids, Paige boys etc. wedding favors are slightly better than the others by way of a thank you.

7. Inexpensive ideas for wedding favors


  • A personalized cookie.
  • A customized fridge magnet, coaster,
  • A thank you card stating the money budgeted was donated to a particular charity
  • A nice personalized pin, button, badge


8. Trending colours for weddings 2014

  • Duckegg Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Pale Pink
  • Light, pastel colors
  • Pale Lavender, lilac

9.  Making your own wedding favors

Making your own wedding favors can be an awesome way of adding that personal touch. Crafty types will find this a breeze. Make sure you have plenty of time and the materials you use are ‘child friendly’.

10. Finally this is so important I’m saying it again ‘BUDGET’. Set your budget and stick to it.

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If you have any more tips about how to choose the perfect wedding favor, drop me a line here, and let us know about any wedding favors you made yourself. If you have pics, email them to me at and I’ll create a guest blog post for you.