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x and I have been together now

for more than five few years

We have made ourself a home

 furnished it with laughter and tears

Pillows and ornaments

we have quite have a few

kitchen and bedroom #

are all furnished nicely too

We do have a request though

and we hope you'll agree

to help us with a donation

grow our family from two into three

So guys... thought I'd ask on here to see what everyones opinions are.. me and my partner are in a same sex couple and are hoping to start a family of our own after the wedding.. I want to politely ask guests that instead of gifts or a honeymoon, we would like to start a fund to put towards the fertility treatment.. has anybody had any experience of this?? And also any ideas of how to deliver this would be extremely appreciated.. I know it's an unusual request, but it's the only thing we truly want to complete our family xxx