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Our Real life Mi​cro Wedding

in Stephanie's own words

We got engaged in the Bahamas on Christmas Eve of 2019. We came home and started planning right away and had our date set for 8/8/20. Little did we know that Corona virus would hit soon after getting all our vendors set and deposits paid. 

We made the decision early to postpone to 2021 with us being in New York State and being hit pretty hard here in the beginning. We had no idea what was going to happen. July 4th rolled around and our venue offered a micro wedding for only $200 more than what we had paid for deposit so we jumped on it. 

I figured with it being only 25 people it would be more casual and I would save my fancy dress for the big reception next year. 

real life micro wedding 2020
real wedding stories 2020 micro

I purchased real flowers from a local grocery store and made our bouquets in about an hour for a little over $100. There's so much more to our amazing story and we would love to share it with everyone.

real life micro wedding 2020