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Social media is increasingly popular as a medium for brand exposure and having a targetted audience to market yourself to is priceless. But if you're like most business partners, you're too busy to spend an hour here and there on social media doing what needs to be done to raise brand awareness. Some will hire people to 'share' for them, and those people are usually banned and blocked before a single post has been published because they're not posting in accordance with group or page rules. This means that their service is doing as much good as a bucket of water with a hole in it. Why not go straight to the source, with pre-approval and guaranteed publishing of your post direct to your target audience.

For less than a couple of cups of coffee a month, you can hire us to share your brand across our netwo‚Äčrk on a once or twice weekly basis. A network which includes two Facebook groups and one Facebook page with in excess of 20,500 members/followers with an interest in all things wedding.

Sharing Is Caring - Packages

Terms: we reserve the right to refuse/suspend  service without reason and  refunds will be issued where appropriate for the remainder of the time service is not provided. Subscription is on a month by month basis, no annual commitment. Payment is collected monthly via PayPal. Customers can cancel at anytime but are advised to do so at the end of a billing period as no refunds are issued for the remainder of the month.  Note: This service is currently suspended while software is updated.

One-Off Sharing


Per Month

Best new business seeking a reciprocal arrangement

You share our details we share yours! Mutually beneficial, free.

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1 x Weekly Sharing


Per month

Best for busy people

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2 x Weekly Sharing


Per month

Best for serious entrpreneurs

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