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Trending wedding invitations for 2016 and 2017

Featured here are our designs for 2016 and 2017 weddings focusing on trending color schemes. They include popular color combinations such as blush and mint, purple and orange, coral and turquoise and more great color combinations. All invitations featured are customizable by you when you order online via reputable Print On demand merchant Zazzle. Full money back guarantee and quality guaranteed!

How to Obtain the Perfect Wedding Invitations
By Mieszko Taras

Your wedding invitation, although a small item, is one of the most important parts of the event. This is how you and your partner announce your love for one another. You want it to accurately portray not only how you feel, but also your personalities. There are a few simple steps to take in order to make certain that you get the wedding invitations that you have been dreaming about for years.

First, you have to decide what your wedding style is going to be. The invitation contains all of the important details like time, place, and date. This piece also lets potential guests know what type of event they are going to be attending. The wedding invites can be elegant, classic, glamourous, or any other style that matches with the special day.

To go along with the theme of your wedding, you have probably picked out a couple of basic colors. Some will go with a traditional black and white while others like brighter, flashier colors. Whatever the case may be, you want to incorporate these colors into your wedding invitations. These colors should also be included in the escort cards, menu cards, envelopes, and any other literature that you acquire.

When getting your wedding invitations made, think about the programs that you plan to have for those that are attending the ceremony. Often these are made by the same printer so that the style from the invitation can be coordinated with that of the program that gets handed out on the day of the wedding nuptials.

Consider stepping outside of the traditional size when it comes to having your wedding invitations created. The 4.5 by 6.25 size is the one that is commonly seen.

Today, pairs are getting more flexible when it comes to the shape and size of their cards. This gives the feel of something a little more fun and playful. If that sounds like you and your partner’s personality, you should consider your options.

One important factor to keep in mind when you go against the norm in shape and size is the fact that they still have to be mailed. Locate envelopes before having the bulk printing done. Also, stop at the post office with a sample and get an idea how much the postage is going to be.

You want your wedding invitations to be bright, bold, original, and you want them to really stand out. The only problem when you try and do things that are too outside of the box is that these documents can become harder and harder to read. A yellow font may sound like a good idea because it goes with your color scheme. This is one of the colors that people have trouble picking off of the paper.

The rule of thumb is to create a big contrast in font and background color if you want to use a different color of font. You could use a yellow font if you put it on a dark colored background. Darker fonts are going to pop out more on the lighter colored stationary. Along with color, ensure your font is one that is not too flowy or script-like because those can also be difficult to deliver.

Talk with an expert about what you want your wedding invites to say. Most printers have experience with taking the information you want included and writing it in a way that flows smoothly together. Always ask to see a sample of what they have come up with so you can be positive all the spelling is correct and the details like time, place, and dress code are there.

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