Wedding Cakes that are too good to eat

Be Inspired By These Stunning Themed Wedding Cakes

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Teal and Lemon Yellow wedding cake 2I love cake – who doesn’t and so sourcing the most fabulous themed wedding cakes was a labor of love. I just wish it didn’t make me so hungry for goodies! Cake making is big business now with TV shows like ‘Cake Boss’ showing off the creative skills of the bakers and cake decorators. You really do need to be an artist. Lavishly decorated themed wedding cakes can be very expensive though so if you have any cake decorating skills at all – why not have a go at making your own?

If you have made your own wedding cake- send us some pics to with WEDDING CAKE in the subject line. We will feature them here.

Fall Weddings – Fairy Cakes

Fall Wedding Fairy Cakes

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The cakes featured here are perfect for a fall wedding with a rustic, outdoors vibe. They are also a delicious choice for the niche fairy themed weddings that are trending this year. My personal favorite here is the tree stumps cake with the carved writing.

Coral Wedding Cakes with mint green

Coral Wedding Cakes with mint


Coral is a trending wedding theme   this year and paired with mint green is especially pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer weddings. These cakes show off this coral and mint color theme nicely with more simple cakes to more detailed. Lace style decorations are also trending for wedding cakes. So pretty.

Turquoise Wedding Cakes

Turquoise Wedding Cakes with coral and brown

Turquoise has landed with a splash this year, popular for beach weddings and indoor weddings too. Here you can see this stunning color paired with coral and chocolate brown as well as left untouched with white. Turquoise is a perfect color for fall and winter weddings. My personal favorite here is this simple turquoise and white fall leaves cake on the right.

Blush Pink Wedding Cakes

Blush Pink Wedding Cakes


Blush pink is such a pretty color as can be seen on these elegant wedding cakes. It features best with creamy white or plain white. It is modern, simple and a favorite for Spring weddings.

Gold wedding cakes have the midas touch

GOLD wedding cakes have the MIDAS touch


Gold is so glamorous and perfect for a Hollywood style wedding or princess wedding. It can cover the whole cake or be used as a decorative element complimenting other colors. I adore the elaborate gold embellished wedding cake on the left. Beautiful. Note the gold chevrons on one of the cakes – chevrons are still trending!

Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter wedding cakes


Winter wedding cakes can be soft white and pales blues with snowflake embellishments or they can be rustic with red berries and green leaves. I love this red berry and winetr rose wedding cake on the right.

Wedding Cake Toppers – custom

Meanwhile the icing on the cake (scuse the pun) are the wedding cake toppers, here are some modern ones including cake toppers which can be personalized.

  • Personalized Acrylic Heart Shaped Cake Topper
  • Description:All it takes is a tiny custom touch to add a lot of love to your wedding cake and that's where our personalized acrylic heart-shaped cake topper comes in! Each clear acrylic topper is shaped like a heart on its side and features an engraved double heart d
  • Price: $31.03
  • Personalized Acrylic Square Cake Topper
  • Description:Cool and contemporary, this personalized acrylic square cake topper is perfect for a cake that's all about modern lines and sweet simplicity.
  • Price: $31.03
  • Personalized Custom Shaped Wedding Cake Topper
  • Description:Pick your shape and make your mark with a personalized shaped wedding cake topper. From snowflake to heart-shape, your custom acrylic topper is bound to be one-of-a-kind! Take your pick of monogram designs, themed designs, bride-and-groom designs or tradi
  • Price: $33.33
  • Personalized Square Cake Topper
  • Description:A personalized square cake topper is a wonderful way to bring a bit of creativity and uniqueness to your wedding cake look.
  • Price: $39.95
  • Personalized Names Cake Topper
  • Description:Your wedding cake will sparkle, with this personalized names cake topper. Choose from assorted colors of glitter for a touch of glitz and glam. Such a perfect way to add a personal touch to your cake, and it makes a great keepsakes after your special day
  • Price: $99.95
  • Personalized Watercolor Cake Topper
  • Description:Top off a wonderful wedding with this personalized watercolor cake topper. Available in five different color options and your choice in custom messaging, this unique topper takes the cake. This handmade item is equally as gorgeous as a home décor pi
  • Price: $39.95

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